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What is covered in the category "Restoration Requests"?

In this category, you will find frequently asked questions regarding the restoration of lost/deleted items and/or characters.


The topics include:


  • Item restoration - Not all items can be recovered when deleted/destroyed. We strongly recommend that you submit your ticket as soon as the issue happens. The longer the waiting period, the less likely we will be able to recover your item.
  • Character restoration - If you delete your character by mistake, we are able to recover this for you. Please provide character name, approximate level and time/date of the deletion.

Please make sure to check whether a specific service is offered by WEBZEN before requesting it by submitting a ticket.


When submitting your ticket, please make sure to provide as much detail as possible to ensure that we have all the information we may need in order to swiftly and correctly handle your inquiry.


If you do not know how to submit a ticket, please click here.

Submit a Ticket If the issue is still not resolved, please submit a ticket.

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