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What do I do if the account has been compromised?

If you have no idea how someone has been able to obtain the Webzen Username or password, or any other information for that matter, please check if you have an up-to-date antivirus program. If a virus has been detected, choose to repair the damaged files but do not suppress them as this could lead to more problems. Please note that after cleaning the file(s), the infected program(s) might require to be reinstalled to work again normally.

After completing those steps, please follow the procedures below:

- If you are able to login with the Webzen account, go to ”My Account” and change the password as soon as possible.

Should you notice the loss of characters/ items, please do not hesitate to inform the Webzen Customer Support by creating a ticket in the Support section.

We reserve the right to suspend the account temporarily to protect it from any other intrusion and thus protect the characters and equipment until we can analyse your problem and secure the account.

If the account has been suspended for these reasons, the Webzen Customer Support will contact you by email.

- If you cannot access the Webzen account/email address associated with it, or if the email address has been modified without your authorization, please contact the Webzen Customer Support by submitting a ticket.

The Webzen Customer Support will confirm having received the details you've sent and will inform you about the steps to follow, in order to recover the account.

Please note that Trojans can send information to other people and should be considered a serious threat to the account security. If these steps are not followed properly, it is possible that you may end up with the same issue in the near future.

Submit a Ticket If the issue is still not resolved, please submit a ticket.

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