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What if I forgot my old account ID, password or email?

You can use the account recovery function to:

- Have the old account ID sent to your email address
- Have the password of the old account reset by having a temporary password sent to your email address

Attention: There are two account recovery functions: one for old accounts (not merged) and one for new accounts (merged and new).

Old accounts (not yet merged):
*Select ID or Password *

For accounts:

For accounts:

For accounts:

New Accounts (already merged and new):

If you have lost access to your email address:
We can change the email on the not yet merged account but only for the one that created the account.

For that you have to contact us via the ticket system and provide us with all of the information we ask you to and only for accounts you have created.


Submit a Ticket If the issue is still not resolved, please submit a ticket.

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