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How can I update/ convert an account?

If your email or ID was used on one or more of the previous game portals and account hasn’t been used for a long time, it needs to be updated before you can log in again!

In most cases, your login information is unique and you can continue to play or browse the new game portal after updating your account, without any further information being required.

But for some of you, it appears the same email or the same ID has been used on more than one of the 3 former portals. In that case, well you need to update this information and/or merge the account(s).

If you are in that situation, you should see the following info box displayed on the website:

How can I update/ merge an account?

1. Click on “OK” or alternatively visit the transfer page here:

2. Choose the account you want to transfer to the new by selecting the game portal you used to access.

3. Login with your Account ID / Password and follow the steps! You may be asked to enter a new ID and email address, make sure that you have access to this email address, as you will be sent an activation link to finalise the process.

Please note: If the account was ever compromised or shared, now is the time to make it secure again!
Make sure that the new account ID has no similarities with the password or any character on the account.

You are also advised to enter your real live name in the profile, to allow the Customer Support providing assistance to you in the future in case that you lose access to the email address.

4. The update of your account should now be complete, enjoy the Webzen games!

When I try to merge the account I get the following error message:
“This account is not subject to account transfer/ merge or the username and password do not match.

If you have entered your account details correctly, this message indicates that you don’t need to transfer the account, and you should be able to login as usual!

Submit a Ticket If the issue is still not resolved, please submit a ticket.

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